An impressive array of black and darkened designs in HPL and anodized aluminum from Chemetal.

#353 Alu Medium

Black goes with almost anything. Including your next project.

Chemetal’s wide range of on-trend black and darkened metals are always in fashion. From functional, economical anodized aluminums and HPLs to aged industrial looks, Chemetal has an array of options, and samples are always free. And because they’re all made of aluminum, they’re all 100% recyclable. Keep reading to learn about Chemetal’s range of dark and blackened metal designs.

#353 Alu Medium

Subtle linear variation and the look of blackened steel – Chemetal’s popular ALUs.

Chemetal’s Alu designs, #352 Alu Light, #353 Alu Medium and #354 Alu Dark, are popular blackened aluminum designs that emulate the look of weathered or blackened steel – all in lighter and easier to fabricate aluminum. To make, aluminum sheets are abraded and brushed, darkened, then brushed again with a manufacturing consistency, before coating. The result is a sublime and gentle linear variation.

Besides a great aesthetic, these sheets of thin aluminum can be cut with woodworking equipment (with recommended metal cutting blade), making them easier and less expensive to fabricate than steel, and lighter to handle and hang. That’s because aluminum is a soft and lighter metal. 100% aluminum, ALU sheets can be recycled.

Same great ALU designs, only thicker.

Chemetal recently began creating ALU designs on thicker. 09” aluminum. While these panels are initially more expensive, they don’t require lamination to MDF panels and can be mechanically attached (screws/ bolts ) to wall studs and using a simple Hat Channel system. This can save fabrication costs and weight.

Available in 4 x 8 foot sheets, Chemetal can create custom sizes in-house for your project. Another benefit? Since these 100% aluminum (one of the most recycled materials on the planet) panels don’t require glues and backers, they are more cleanly and easily recycled and repurposed.

ALU Designs

#352 Alu Light

#353 Alu Medium

#354 Alu Dark

#352-09 Alu Light

#353-09 Alu Medium

#354-09 Alu Dark

Custom Projects:

New Balance

Chemetal made custom ALU panels for workstations in the New Balance headquarters in Boston. It shows how Chemetal can tweak a standard product to meet designer and furniture specifications. Read all about it!

#353 Alu Medium

#352 Alu Light

#354 Alu Dark

Chemetal 606 Blackened Aluminum - planter

#606 Blackened Aluminum

#600 Series Architectural Metals: Made in Japan like cool denim, or something.

Chemetal’s #600 Series abounds with outstanding blackened steel looks. Each design embodies ambient tones and patterns beneath, with shades of color surfacing as the light moves. These are popular and spectacular Chemetal designs that breathe history and tradition, with age and patina reminiscent of the great metal ages. Yet these are metal panels printed in Japan, employing fantastically modern printing technology, plus a protective Lumiflon coating, to create a combination of depth, mood, subtle variation and reflectivity. All aluminum, these designs are part of the mindful Materials library and are Living Building Challenge Compliant.

#606 Blackened Aluminum

#613 Ember Aluminum

#624 Protodynastic Aluminum

#625 Existential Aluminum

#606 Blackened Aluminum

#606 Blackened Aluminum

#613 Ember Aluminum

#613 Ember Aluminum

Anodized and HPL Aluminums: Classic Metal looks in black.

Classic Metals (#700 and #900 Series) are best selling metal designs available in anodized aluminums and HPL aluminum (thin metal foil with laminate backer). These function, economical designed are lightweight, easy to fabricate, and some of our most popular metal laminates. This is especially true with Chemetal #908 Satin Black Aluminum, a great non-directional black. Chemetal also offers a black magnetic chalkboard laminate Chemetal #151, with an attractive matte surface texture for decorative or practical applications.

#151 Black Magnetic Chalk

#717 Brushed Black Aluminum (HPL)

#908 Satin Black Aluminum

#917 Brushed Black Aluminum

#908 Satin Black Aluminum

#151 Black Magnetic Chalk

#908 Black Satin Aluminum

#917 Brushed Black Aluminum

Order Samples

To order samples of Darkened and Black Metal Designs from Chemetal, click on the thumbnail of the design you are interested in and follow the instructions. For more information visit our Sample Ordering page.

A Blackened Metals Sample Pack is also available, featuring a selection of our 10 most popular black designs. The Blackened Metals Sample Pack is ideal for designers looking to specify darkened or black metals for their projects.

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