Aged Aluminum

The industrial look of weathered steel with the ease of aluminum.

Our ALU designs, #352 Alu Light, #353 Alu Medium and #354 Alu Dark are popular aged aluminum designs that emulate the look of weathered or blackened steel. To make, mill aluminum sheets are dipped in a darkening solution and then brushed by hand grinder to create a gentle, even sublime, linear variation. Besides a great aesthetic, these sheets of thin aluminum are lighter and easier to fabricate than steel, which can make the installation lighter as well as easier and less expensive to create. Aluminum is a soft metal and, especially when it’s thin, can be cut and fabricated with traditional woodworking equipment, with minor modifications. Plus, the panels are more easily repurposed, recycled or freecycled because they are 100 percent aluminum.

Thicker panels, same look.

With our latest collection we introduced a new take on our popular darkened ALU metal designs. The same range of finishes are also available on thicker, .090″ aluminum panels. These thicker panels can be installed without a supportive laminate backer, which makes installation easier and more affordable.


ALU and ALU 09

ALU Designs

#352 Alu Light

#353 Alu Medium

#354 Alu Dark

#352-09 Alu Light

#353-09 Alu Medium

#354-09 Alu Dark

How it’s Made:

Aged Aluminum

Our ALU designs are hand-finished with manufacturing consistency. Go behind the scenes at the Chemetal factory to see how we make our Aged Aluminum finish.


Factory Feels

The idea for Chemetal’s ALU designs sprang forth from our Factory designs, #349 Factory and #350 Factory Dark, earlier aged metal designs, still in production, that echoed the look and patterning of old factory doors. Produced using similar techniques, Factory is a great material for spaces highlighting a reclaimed look, or in modern design projects that seek an industrial accent.

#349 Factory

#350 Factory Dark

Custom Projects:

New Balance

Read about how Chemetal made custom ALU panels for workstations in the New Balance headquarters in Boston. It shows how Chemetal can tweak a standard product to meet designer and furniture specifications.

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