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The latest in metal designs and laminates from Chemetal.

Sample Packs and Chains

Chemetal sample packs and chains are organized collections of popular metal designs that make it easier for designers to source specific materials.

800 Series - Traditional Classics

These metals are exceptionally rich and offer luxurious visual depth as well as durability. Chrome-plated brass along with solid brass, copper and bronze designs. Available with low pressure laminate backer or as solid metal.

550 Series - Surface Mode: Carve

Surface Mode: Carve by Chemetal is a collection of CNC cut designs on thicker .09” aluminum panels. They’re darkened like out popular Alu designs or powder-coated. These designs don’t need traditional layup on MDF, the metal is rigid enough to be mechanically fastened to framework, walls, etc. Click thumbnails to learn more and order samples.

400 - Vortex Collection

Aluminum designs with an energy and depth found only in metal. Directional and non-directional patterning that bends and plays with light.

200 Series - Design Collection

Embossed and textured HPL metals laminates. To create, a layer of metal is pressed onto an easy-to-work-with laminate backer. Durable, beautiful and easy to apply.

150 Series - Magnetic Laminates

Magnetic, Dry Erase, Chalk, Image Projection and custom. To create magnetism a thin layer of iron foil is sandwiched in the HPL backer. Each product has specific uses and benefits.

Tinted Series

4 colors. 4 designs. Popular colors on aluminum designs. Custom options and color matching available. Color variations exist between images and actual material. Please obtain sample before specifying. Low pressure laminate backer option.

Discontinued and Low Inventory

The designs listed below are discontinued, but we still have remaining inventory for sale. We can also order more material per order. Longer lead times and minimums usually apply, depending on material. Please contact us for current inventory of specific veneers and for more information. 800 807-7341

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