400 Series - Vortex Collection

Aluminum and copper designs with an energy and depth found only in metal. Directional and non-directional patterning that bends and plays with light.

500 Series - Ultrabrushed Aluminum

The cutting edge of brushed metal design. Layered, deep metal grinds meshed with the consistency of our manufacturing process. Every sheet is a work of brushed aluminum art. Low pressure laminate backer option.

800 Series - Traditional Classics

These metals are exceptionally rich and offer luxurious visual depth as well as durability. Chrome-plated brass along with solid brass, copper and bronze designs. Available with low pressure laminate backer or as solid metal.

150 Series - Magnetic Laminates

Magnetic, Dry Erase, Chalk, Image Projection and custom. To create magnetism a thin layer of iron foil is sandwiched in the HPL backer. Each product has specific uses and benefits.

Tinted Series

4 colors. 4 designs. Popular colors on aluminum designs. Custom options and color matching available. Color variations exist between images and actual material. Please obtain sample before specifying. Low pressure laminate backer option.

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