Chemetal Product FAQ


Chemetal is a massive collection of over 250 metal and metal laminate designs in aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel that is ideal for vertical and light-duty horizontal installations in commercial and residential interiors.

Depending on the item, Chemetal is available in 4′ x 8′, 4′ x 10′, 2′ x 8′, 2′ x 10′ and custom sizes. Chemetal has a complete metal working facility that can create custom size pieces, bends, wraps and more.

Chemetal is sold through our international distributor network, which is primarily focused in the USA. If there is no distributor in your area or country, you may purchase directly from Chemetal.

Please call us with any questions. (800) 807-7341


Is Chemetal real metal?

Yes, Chemetal is real metal. Most of our designs are aluminum, some are copper and brass, and our HPL items (primarily in the 200 and 700 Series) are metal foils on laminate backers.

The only exception is Magnetic Laminates, which have a melamine surface (like a plastic laminate) but include a thin layer of iron in the HPL to create magnetism.

Is Chemetal okay for horizontal applications?

Chemetal is recommended for light-duty horizontal applications only.

You cannot use Chemetal on countertops or any surface with heavy-duty use. Chemetal can scratch and dent and cannot be cleaned with any harsh cleaning products.

It should be noted that we find customers successfully using some Chemetal designs, like those in the 400 Series, that will hide scratches. We can provide a sample for you to test horizontal wear in such cases.

Is Chemetal okay for outdoor use?

No, Chemetal is for indoor applications only. Our coatings and our anodized aluminums are rated for interior use.

Can Chemetal be ordered in 5' widths?

No, the maximum width is 4 feet. Please consult our Technical Data for product widths, as some are only available in 2 foot widths.

Can Chemetal be bent to a specific radius?

If it is a Chemetal product with an HPL backer, it can be bent along a gentle curve. If the product is metal only, you can usually get as tight a radius as you want.

Chemetal can create custom metal pieces to your dimensions.

What sort of glue can you use for Chemetal?

In general, a contact adhesive works best. If you are looking for a specific brand, please contact your local adhesives dealer.

Can you adhere Chemetal to drywall?

Chemetal works best on a completely flat, even surface that is free of debris. Therefore, drywall may not work in the long run.

Which Chemetal Series come with a backer and which are metal only?

The 100, 400, 500, 600 and 900 Series are standard metal only.

The 200, 300, 700, 800 Series are standard with backer. There are a few exceptions in the 300 series. For a full list, check pages 2-5 on the Tech Data sheet.

What size does Chemetal come in?

Most Chemetal items are 4′ x 8′ or 4′ x 10′ size. There are a few items, like the 800 Series, that are standard as 2′ x 8′ or 2′ x 10′. For a full list, check pages 2-5 on the Tech Data sheet.

Does Chemetal #727 come without backer?

No, but we suggest looking at the #927. It is a similar design in solid anodized aluminum. This is true with many items in the 700 and 900 Series. The 700 Series are HPL Classics and the 900 Series are Anodized Aluminum Classics. Most items in each Series have a comparable match in the other. For example, #701 and #901, or #719 and #909.

How do you apply Chemetal?

We suggest using a contact adhesive for most Chemetal items. For the 100 series, we suggest using mechanical fasteners.

How do you cut Chemetal?

Most Chemetal items can be cut using regular woodworking tools.

Our steel and stainless steel items (#160) will need to be cut with metal working tools.

Our Technical Data provides helpful information for cutting Chemetal.


How quickly can you ship a Chemetal order once you receive it?

We have a two day turnaround if it’s a regular truck or UPS ground order (let us know if you need it out sooner and we will let you know if it’s possible). If it’s an air order we will do our best to get it out as quickly as possible.

Who are your local distributors, your map on the website seems to be broken?

The website map is not broken. It is designed to show the location of distributors only. Currently, we prefer to speak with customers and potential customers directly to provide the best information about Chemetal and where to buy it. Please call us at 800 807-7341, ask for customer service, and provide your zip code to find your nearest distributors. We can also answer any product questions.

Can I buy Chemetal direct?

If there is a Chemetal distributor who covers your area, you purchase Chemetal from them. In areas and countries where we don’t have distributor coverage, we sell direct.

How do I get Chemetal prices?

You will most likely be purchasing Chemetal from a Chemetal distributor, so your most accurate price will be from the distributor. If you call Chemetal, we can give you a ballpark price, which will not include shipping or any other charges.

How do I get samples of Chemetal?

You can get Chemetal samples directly from us or by contacting your nearest Chemetal distributor.

What size are Chemetal samples?

Chemetal samples are available in small sample chain chip size, 4 x 6 inch and 8 x 10 inch size (Excluding the 150, 700, 800 and 900 series, which are only available in the chip size and 4 x 6 inch).

Are Chemetal samples free?

Chemetal samples are currently free. However, the cost of samples is a huge expense for us and ultimately affect the price of Chemetal, so we ask that you keep this in mind when requesting samples.

Additionally, we will ship samples free via UPS Ground. If you require them sooner, you will be asked to provide the account number for your preferred shipping method.

Are Chemetal samples close to the actual material?

Chemetal samples are the actual material in a much smaller size. There are two ways to best determine the appearance of a full sheet of Chemetal. One, look for a 4′ x 8′ view of Chemetal on the website, and two, request an 8″ x 10″ sample of the Chemetal design.

This is especially true for Chemetal designs in the 300, 400 and 500 Series, since these are hand-crafted full sheet designs with variations throughout the sheet that are not always fully represented by small samples.

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