Waterworld and Flux

Expansive new light shifting, embossed water effect designs. So many options.


Water in effect.

Presenting WaterWorld and Flux, embossed Chemetal designs that create water-like movement and texture. These design materials are ideal and energetic options as backgrounds, feature walls, ceiling panels and more. Both modern and classic, they reflect and diffuse light and expand interior spaces all while creating an amorphous surface that captures and wonderfully reinterprets the surrounding colors and space.


Polished Finish

Chemetal Waterworld - 901

Polished Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 903

Polished Brass Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 911

Polished Smoked Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 943

Polished Bronze Aluminum

Satin Finish

Chemetal Waterworld - 909

Satin Silver Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 909

Satin Gold Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 908

Satin Black Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 909

Satin Copper Aluminum

Other Finishes

Chemetal Waterworld - 909

Brushed Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 909

Nomadic Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 909

Blackened Aluminum

Chemetal Waterworld - 908

Civilization Aluminum

A world of options.

Waterworld is an embossed metal design available on most of Chemetal’s solid aluminum designs. Waterworld is made in-house by pressing a stylized water effect pattern into anodized aluminums in Chemetal’s #900 Series. Popular finishes include polished, mirror-like anodized aluminums like #901 and #903, and satin finishes like #908 and #910.

Waterworld is also available on #600 Series Architectural Metals and #400 Series Deeply Brushed designs. The moody, and subtly shimmering appearances of these designs can be a visually pleasing combination with Waterworld embossing.

With over 35 options, Chemetal’s Waterworld is a versatile and dynamic metal design for interior spaces of all kinds.

Metal in Flux.

Flux is a textured “water effect” design with two color options, #276 Flux and #277 Flux Smoked. Similar to WaterWorld, but not made in-house by Chemetal, these designs are for those who prefer an HPL (High Pressure Laminate) metal. #276 Flux is akin to a clear polished metal, like Chemetal #701 or #901 Polished Aluminum, while #277 is a slightly darker smoked polished effect, similar to Chemetal #911 Polished Smoked Aluminum.



Flux Smoked

Technical Info

Sheet Sizes


4′ x 8′, 4′ x 10′ (custom designs or #900 Series only)
Available on any #900, #600, #400 Series design.

#276 Flux and #277 Flux Smoked:

4′ x 8′ sheet size.
HPL design laminate.


We recommend contact adhesive or red glue to adhere to MDF panels. Additionally, since this is an embossed design, we recommend Heavy Duty Construction Adhesives like Liquid Nails (there are others too). With flat sheets of metal we don’t recommend Heavy Duty Construction Adhesives because if not spread evenly they can goop up and create bumps in the surface, but with WaterWorld, because of its bumpy design, bumps will not be noticed.

Chemetal can add a laminate backer to this material. However, if material is cut, as it often is, the bond over raised embossed edge areas may release and a Heavy Duty Construction Adhesives may be needed to fill these small areas. When laminating these materials we allow extra time for these panels to adhere under a weighted top.

More Large Format Embossed Designs

Chemetal creates several embossed patterns on anodized aluminum. Like WaterWorld, these patterns are available on any 900 Series Anodized aluminum. See them all here.


#908 Food Truck

#910 Majestic

#943-D Domes

#901-T Triangles

#349 Factory

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