Our new designs are fire.

It’s a new way of creating metal designs at Chemetal with Surface Mode, metal designs on thicker aluminum. We started with our already popular ALU metals – aluminums finished with a slightly linear, blackened color variation – and put them on thicker .09” aluminum.

Those are the building blocks of the new collection. We capped it off with a new matte black powder coated design on the same .09” aluminum.

#352-09 Alu Light 09

#353-09 Alu Medium 09

#354-09 Alu Dark 09

#511 & #512 Powdered Black

The New Way

Taking it further, we CNC’ed new patterns and designs into these thicker metals. We darkened them like we do with our ALU metals, settling on a dark grey/ black, similar to #354 ALU Dark.

The results are stunning darkened metal feature panels in neutral shades of black. Ideal for interior spaces, the 6 new CNC carved designs are named after inspirational cities, allusions to surf breaks and what we remember from Chemistry class (or what we recall from a Breaking Bad marathon).

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Make it Custom

Custom opportunities abound for designers to create their own CNC designs, logos, wayfinding, signage and branding messages. Additionally, panels, with a design or otherwise can be powdercoated from the full spectrum of powder coating options.

To discuss custom options please contact:

Leo Forrest, lforrest@chemetal.com
Paul Pickunka, pickunka@chemetal.com


Easier to install, easier to recycle.

Surface Mode panels are thicker and can be installed without a supportive laminate backer, which makes installation, using mechanical fasteners or wall panel system, easier and more affordable. Plus, the panels are more easily repurposed, recycled or freecycled because they are 100 percent aluminum.

View more about Chemetal’s sustainability efforts >

Making Surface Mode Complete

Chemetal filled out the Surface Mode collection with more new directions, like #919 Satin Copper Aluminum, a nice looking satin copper addition to our Anodized Classics, .025” thick anodized aluminums that are affordable, attractive, functional and easy to bend designs. Plus, we added 3 new pressed designs, Majestic, Waterworld and Food Truck, larger format designs that can be pressed into any .025: 900 Series anodized aluminum.

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Watch the Surface Mode Video

About Chemetal

Chemetal creates beautiful and innovative metal designs and laminates for interior spaces. It’s a second-generation family-owned company that has been in business for over 50 years. Chemetal makes many designs in-house in western Massachusetts and is available worldwide through an international, though mostly national, distributor network.

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