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Custom Metal Services

Chemetal Fabrication Capabilities - laser cutouts

Custom Fabrication

Chemetal is a second generation family owned company that’s been in business for over 50 years. We have extensive experience working with aluminum, brass and HPL metals. We’ve recently expanded our aluminum cutting, shaping and design services. Many of these capabilities are seen in new design materials recently introduced but are also available to create custom designs.


  • Custom Cutting
  • Laser Etching & Engraving
  • Embossing
  • Metal Forming
  • Lamination
  • Design


Chemetal offers a range of custom metal cutting services including shear, punch, CNC routing, and fiber laser. We also create metal “edge banding” strips from almost all of our materials.

CNC Routing

  • Aluminum and brass
  • Thicknesses up to .250” and max 10’ length
  • Available finishes: aged, and brushed
  • Custom shapes, perforations and cutouts

Shear & Punch

  • Aluminum, brass and copper
  • Thicknesses up to .090” and max 10’ length
  • Straight line cuts up to 10’ long
  • Holes of varying size and shape

Fiber Laser

  • Aluminum
  • Thicknesses up to .250” and max 10’ length
  • See Surface Mode Collection for standard designs.
Chemetal - fabrication capabilities - Piranha
Chemetal Fabrication Capabilities - laser cutouts, Treefrog Walnut


Custom fabrication capabilities are dependent on the types and thicknesses of materials specified. Most sheets are available in standard 8’ lengths. Certain designs are available in 10’ lengths.

Aluminum Copper Brass
.020″ and .090″ up to 4′ widths .016″ up to 2′ widths .016″ up to 2′ widths
Up to .250″ Available with lead time
Anodized, mill, brush patterns, aged Aged, patinaed, brushed Aged, brushed
Shear & Punch, CNC Routing, Fiber Laser Shear & Punch Shear & Punch, CNC Routing
Chemetal - diner booth - side by side

Laser Etching

Chemetal can laser etch the surface of parts, either type or shapes and designs. This effect can be especially dramatic on designs like darker anodized aluminums where the underlying light grey aluminum is revealed.


  • Deep engraving: CNC routing in .090” thick aluminum
  • Light engraving: CNC laser etching in all metals
  • Patterns can be text, geometric shapes, and other custom illustration and designs


Chemetal offers standard embossed, debossed and textured metal designs in both solid aluminum and HPL metals. Plus, we can create custom textures and embossings.

Chemetal - Linkedin HQ Toronto


We have the capability to brake-form custom metal pieces in aluminum up to .125”. Please send a file or physical example to determine feasibility.


Our HPL metals are supplied on a high pressure laminate backer. Additionally, we can add a low pressure laminate backer to any standard solid metal material. An adhesive backer can be added to full or partial sheets and smaller strips. The adhesive backer is not repositionable once placed on a substrate.


We can work with customer supplied files including .dwg, .dxf, .ai, .eps, and vector .pdf’s. Files must have clean, usable linework. Additional charges may apply if the file requires manipulation. We can also create files from your specification with possible charges depending on complexity. Prototypes require a minimum $250 up front credit card charge.

Chemetal - Linkedin HQ Toronto

Project Spotlight

The Purpose Award, Interiors and Sources Magazine, 2022

Chemetal - Purpose Award

Working with Interiors and Sources (i+s) Magazine, Chemetal designed and fabricated The Purpose Award, given by i+s and Buildings Magazine to products, projects, designs, and spaces that contribute most to the Triple Bottom Line—People, Planet, Profit. Learn more about The Purpose Award

Chemetal fabricated the awards using a new Piranha large bed fiber laser the company brought online at the end of 2021. The production team at Chemetal added a scaled down brushed metal effect of their “Grasshopper” design. It is one of several custom laser projects the company is currently working on, along with new product design, slated for introduction in Spring 2022.

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