Let’s Crank Some Metal.

Metal designs made in the USA.

At Chemetal, we make many of our metal designs in-house, brushing, grinding, oxidizing and aging metals to create cool metal designs. Besides making us unique, it lets us provide jobs, benefits, bonuses and a workplace to call home for over 40 people.

Chemetal’s in-house production has been on a tear the past few years, constantly producing weathered aluminums and aged brass and copper metal “moods,” hand and machine brushed aluminums, and sublime one of a kind patinas produced with a manufacturing consistency. We recently doubled the size of our Easthampton, Massachusetts headquarters and plant, to over 64,000 square feet, adding production lines and capability.

Chemetal also sources anodized aluminums from producers in the Midwest, bringing coils of consistently colored and durable aluminum to our factory and turning them into sheets goods.

Admittedly, we also source materials from overseas, but focus on finding quality design materials from companies in Germany, Italy and Japan, countries with strong employment laws, benefits and environmental standards.

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