Surface Mode: Transparency

Matching playful design with solid aluminum panels to create a functional multi-purpose product for interior spaces.

Chemetal at it’s most colorful.

Introducing Transparency, colorful new laser cut designs on thicker aluminum panels. Featuring 9 designs in 8 new colors, plus a custom frame system, Transparency is the latest in Chemetal’s Surface Mode collection. Biomorphic, mid-century, futuristic and classic patterns abound, and so do myriad colorways, but that’s just a jumping off point. Our team can work with designers to craft custom patterns and match RAL or Pantone colors.

Standard Designs

#571 Avatar

#572 Cubed

#573 Connect

#574 Matrix

#575 Imperial

#576 Chevron

#577 Rain

#578 UFO

#579 Jetson

Standard Colors

Transparency panels are available in an on-trend, playful color palette featuring 7 new powder coat colorways, plus a clear brushed finished. Interior and exterior grade, powder coating is a non-toxic, inert coating that produces minimal VOCs with waste that is easily reclaimed or disposed of. Order a Color Samples Chain here.

SF Seafoam

TR Terracotta

SY Sky

IG Indigo

SA Saffron

AR Arctic

CR Charcoal

CB Brushed

Transparency goes anywhere.

Made on thicker aluminum panels, metal designs from the Transparency collection can be installed without a wood backer, so they can go just about anywhere. This opens up a world of options, from layered and illuminated feature walls, suspended ceiling panels, dividing screens and more.

Room Dividers

Freestanding Partition

Ceiling Panels

Wall Coverings

Layered Wall Coverings

Half Wall Screens

Suspended Screens

Stair Screens


So beautiful you’ll want to frame it.

And you can. Transparency offers an optional frame system that fits panels up to 4’ x 8’ and is ideal as a freestanding room divider (with optional feet), hanging frame, half wall divider and more. Available as a frame system or frame lengths with assembly instructions. Cut-to-size and custom powder coat colors available. 

Chemetal - Transparency Frame

Standard Specifications

Extruded Aluminum
Dimensions: 48” (w) x 96” (h)
Finish: White Powder Coat
Frame Weight: 35 lbs.
Frame Profile: 1-1/2” (h) x 3” (w)
Slot Opening: 1/8”

Project Spotlight

Chemetal Reception Desk Panel

Chemetal is all about making cool stuff with metal. To showcase new designs and fabrication capabilities, we designed a custom decorative panel for the reception area in our office. Take a look behind the scenes with our team and follow the process from design through production and installation.  

Your metal design team

Chemetal can create custom pieces based on your renderings, including custom patterns, cut-to-size, brake forming and site-specific installation solutions. Transparency is ripe with opportunities for custom work. Whether starting from a rough sketch or finished design files, our expert team can take your project from idea to reality. 


To discuss custom options please contact:

Leo Forrest,
Paul Pickunka,


 #573 SA Cubed in Saffron

#574 TR Connect in Terracotta

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