Classic Metals from Chemetal.

An impressive collection of beautiful, bestselling classic metal designs in HPL, anodized aluminum and more.

Classic Metals are a great and relatively easy way to bring the luxury of metal into your design projects. We have the largest collection of these popular anodized aluminums and HPL metals that you’ll find anywhere. Classic Metals emulate the look of more expensive metals and are easier to fabricate.

These materials are design work horses, ideal for inlays, cut-to-size, strips, panels and anywhere you want the modern, luxurious and energetic look of real metal. They’re available as HPL with a laminate backer for install ease or as solid anodized aluminum, ideal for bending and clean edges. Classic Metals are available in 3 Series, each with advantages specific to your use and budget

The Classic Metals Sample Chain is a great resource for designers who mostly source these popular Anodized Aluminum and HPL metal designs.

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Chemetal 700 Series
HPL Classics

700 Series HPL Classics are true high pressure metal laminates, a metal foil atop a laminate backer, fused by pressure. Chemetal offers a greater selection of HPL metals than anyone.


  • European quality, made in Germany.
  • Many design choices that emulate brass, copper bronze and stainless appearance.
  • HPL laminate backer offers increased impact resistance.
  • Easy to fabricate using woodworking equipment
  • Lightweight, apply like traditional laminates.
  • Stainless steel options. (special blade needed for cutting).
  • Budget brushed aluminum and stainless aluminum options.

Chemetal 800 Series
Traditional Classics

800 Series Traditional Classics are luxurious chrome-plated brass and solid brass designs. These exceptionally rich materials are available in 2 foot widths with/without a low pressure laminate backer.


  • Impressive depth of design, these are rich metals.
  • Durable designs
  • Sourced in USA.
  • Contributes to LEED for recycled content.
  • Material without backer can be bent or adhered to substrate for clean edge.
  • 2 foot width, 8’ and 10’ length plus custom lengths and sizes.

Chemetal 900 Series
Anodized Classics

All aluminum, this series combines the durability, affordability and beauty of solid anodized aluminum in brass, bronze, copper, stainless and aluminum looks. Solid metal with bending capabilities and the ability to create clean edges with no laminate seam. 25 design choices. Low pressure laminate backer option.

All anodized aluminum, made in USA, durable, price competitive with bending capabilities and the ability to create clean edges with no laminate seam.


  • Durable anodized aluminum
  • Made in USA.
  • Cost-effective design material.
  • Can be bent or adhered directly to substrate for clean edge.
  • Aluminum is a soft metal, fabricated with woodworking equipment
  • Contributes to LEED for recycled content.
  • Available with low pressure backer or find HPL match in 700 Series.
  • 4 foot width, 8’ and 10’ length plus custom lengths and sizes.

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