Moodier than a teenager without wifi – new metal designs from Chemetal bring elegant neutral moods to interior design spaces.

Chemetal is moving. Moving to Mood. It’s a new collection of 7 metal designs that’s all about- you guessed it – mood. Featuring a predominantly neutral palette, Moving to Mood draws on darker colorways with subtle metal undertones to create the luxurious ambiance of time-honored historical metals like brass, bronze, copper and zinc.

Eschewing pattern, Moving to Mood makes its presence felt with the subtle richness of layered metal designs. While pattern isn’t completely negated – there is some repetition in these new materials – the emphasis is now on full sheet moods, whether in printed or hand created designs.

“Design professionals use Chemetal in so many different ways, and pattern, with all its geometries, can get in the way of that,” says Chemetal President and Creative Director Geoff Schaefer. “If a designer wants a slightly iridescent brass or a darkened bronze for a featured wall, background panel or accent, these new metal designs are ideal.

”Subtle iridescence, trending right now, is found in the new design Chemetal #621 Fugue Aluminum. Implying both split personality traits and the melodic interweaving that define “fugue,” this design can at first appear as a light brass with playful blueish green undertones. When the eye moves to the side, it darkens to a more masculine brass tone. It’s a cool effect.

“Besides mood, this new collection is inspired by historical civilization building metals from the tool-making metal ages,” says Schaefer. “The material names, like Empire, Civilization and ProtoDynastic reflect that vision. Of course, we named one “Moon Patrol,” after an 80’s video game, because it looks lunar but unlike the Moon, this surface has a lot of life on it.

”The combination of subtle sheen and slightly reflective surfaces elevates each of the 7 designs, accentuating the presence – and mood – of metal. The designs all use aluminum as a base metal and are available in a standard size of 4′ by 8′.

For Massachusetts-based Chemetal, the new collection is the latest in a growing portfolio of over 100 metal designs and laminates. The second generation family-owned business makes many of its designs in-house – deep brushing and aging, darkening and adding patinas by hand and machine.