Our largest product launch ever!

Chemetal’s new Glowing Metals collection showcases the company’s commitment to beautiful and innovative metal designs and laminates. From warmer, richer metals to textured patterns and patinas, these new designs are Chemetal’s largest new product introduction ever.

Glowing Metals adds 36 new metal designs to Chemetal’s already significant product line. Design professionals who choose Chemetal as an easier way to specify metal in their projects will discover new Classic Metals, new Printed Metals and new aged metals, patinas and embossed designs.

“Glowing Metals” is really about warmth, like “glowing” warmer metal colors,” says Chemetal Creative Director and President Geoff Schaefer, “It’s also about “glowing” energy, like the color and fun of our new Printed Metals and our embossed larger scale reflectiv­­e designs.”

In 2016, Chemetal doubled the size of its Easthampton, MA headquarters and factory, giving the company space for expanded production lines and inventory.

Chemetal “Glowing Metals” collection by product groups:

New Classic Metals

Chemetal has added 11 new Classic Metals, Chemetal’s most popular materials. New additions include Polished and Brushed Bronzes, a lighter Champagne Brass, Antiqued Copper, Rose Gold and Blue Brushed Aluminum. Classic Metals emulate the look of more expensive metals, in more affordable and easier to fabricate HPL and anodized aluminums. Quality is excellent, HPL  metals are European quality- sourced from Germany, and anodized aluminums are made in the USA and contribute to LEED with up to 75% recycled content. Available in 4’ x 8’ and some 4’ x 10’ sheets, plus custom.

Printed Metals

Chemetal has added 8 new designs to its popular Printed Metals. These layered designs create great moods like aged brass and steel. Newer more modern patterned designs include modern whites and designer grid patterns. 4’ x 8’ sheets. Aluminum. Some designs are exterior rated.

Chemetal Metal Patinas

Chemetal makes many metal designs in house, brushing, aging and adding patina to metals. This includes aged coppers and brass and glowing oxidations on solid brass. Contributes to LEED. 2’ x 8’, 2’ x 10’ sheets, plus custom.

HPL Metals

HPL Metals from Chemetal offer embossed, textured metal designs with the installation ease of a laminate backer. New designs in copper, slate and vintage mesh are a great interior design choice. 4’ x 8’ sheets.

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