353-09 Alu Medium 09

To order samples contact us. 800 807-7341 | samples@chemetal.com
4' x 8'
40 lbs / sheet
Metal Only: .09"
4 x 8
4' x 8' views are primarily intended to show scale of design. Due to photography, and other factors, they do not always represent design appearance. We recommend that you obtain a sample before specifying.
Click to read disclaimer before ordering.

300 Series Disclaimer

When ordering materials in Chemetal’s 300 Series, we strongly suggest ordering all sheets needed for your project at one time so we can best match materials. This is because materials in the Chemetal 300 Series are oxidized by hand and machine. It’s an artistic process done with a manufacturing consistency.

However, subtle differences like hue variation and metal “lot” differences occur with these metals, especially when produced at different times. These differences are slight and usually only noticeable when material is placed side by side.

We do our best to match materials per order but aren’t always made aware when an order is an addition to an existing job. In that situation, it is best to send us a material retain we can match.

Please view the hi res and full sheet image downloads on this page so you are aware of the pattern and range of color tones for this design. Please contact us with questions. Thank you.

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Individual samples ordered here. Max. 5 online per sku.
There is no charge for samples or UPS ground shipping.

For chainsets, boxes, wallboards and expedited shipping contact us:
samples@chemetal.com   |   800 807-7341

More info on our Samples page.

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