We made it easier to see
Chemetal projects and installations.

Project photos are now featured on corresponding product pages. We think these expandable thumbnails are the best and most organized way to see project photos (when available). Click photo to check it out.

Chemetal - Metal Laminate Projects
Chemetal - Metal Laminate Projects

The Chemetal Projects Video. This short video (2-3 minutes) takes you through projects and identifies Chemetal materials used in each one. Click to watch.

Follow-worthy projects, news and new materials are posted regularly on our feed. Click to go there.

Chemetal - Metal Laminate Projects

We’re always on the lookout for well-photographed projects using Chemetal.
We’d love to feature yours. Please email high resolution photos. Or have your project photographer contact us. We will purchase if they are a good fit.
Thanks for using Chemetal.

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