Chemetal is quite possibly the best way to bring the luxury and energy of metal to interior spaces.

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For starters, it’s a massive collection of over 100 metal designs. We’re not a company that offers a few finishes as an afterthought to something else. We make many designs at Chemetal and source others from top producers in Germany, Japan, and the USA. Chemetal really is the best selection of metals for interior spaces that design professionals will find anywhere.

Cranking metal is what we’re about. We work out of a 72,000 sqft. metal design facility in western Massachusetts. We create metal designs with lasers, CNCs, robotic arms and most importantly, a production team with years of decorative metal experience. We produce standard sheets as well as specific sizes, shapes and solutions.

Since Chemetal designs are mostly made from aluminum and brass, they are easier to fabricate. These are lighter and softer metals that are physically easier to cut and bend, which makes fabrication more affordable.

Finally, Chemetal is a company that cares about getting it right. From our customer service and sales group, to the team producing and shipping material, we want to do the best we can for you. We’re not always perfect, but we strive to be, and we always put in our best effort. It’s part of our belief that Chemetal is the best way to bring the beauty of metal into interior design spaces.

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