Health Product Declaration

Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a standardized means for the accurate, reliable and consistent reporting of building product contents and associated health information. Ingredient disclosure is a major component of the future of the building industry.

Chemetal recognizes this necessary move towards transparency. The company is researching their products to better understand the components in relation to the HPD standard. The findings are published as Health Product Declaration (HPD).

These HPDs aim to disclose the ingredients in a product and allow the consumer to identify any potential hazards associated with a particular substance. These HPDs are also a way to prove compliance with the most rigorous green building certifications in the world, including LEED, The Living Building Challenge, and other standards which require that all materials used in a project are Red List Free. Chemetal is devoted to providing healthier materials which meet the standards of these next-generation building projects.

Chemetal HPD’s are available upon request. Call 800 807-7341 or email

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